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Relating to Foreigners on Vacation

When you’re visiting a foreign country especially, it’s very important to be respectful and try your best to understand their culture and language. Don’t give Americans a bad name by being rude and obnoxious. Remember it’s their country so they can pretty much do what they want. You’re the tourist.Have you ever had an experience on vacation relating to a foreigner that you’d like to share? Please drop a line.

A friend of mine told me a story about when they went abroad to the French Riveria. They were minding their business along the beach and up comes running this beautiful girl wearing a thong bikini. She looked frantic and was screaming in French. Of course my friend didn’t really understand the language too well and instead of trying to calm the woman down, they got angry because they thought the woman was harrasing them about something. It turns out, her friend was drowning and she needed help. So, it’s your responsibility to understand their language. The more nice and accommodating you are, the better it will be for you.


Take along a translation dictionary to whatever country you’re going and practice the language. Even the slightest attempt will be appreciated because at least you’re trying. It’s one up on the person who doesn’t know anything and they will most certainly get confused and/or lost because they can’t communicate with the local people.

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Things to Take On Any Vacation

Things to Take On Any Vacation

No matter where you go on a vacation, there are certain things that you should always pack. Although you may go to different cities, towns and even countries, make a checklist that will suffice for any place that you visit.

Always take your identification. That includes a drivers license, personal id and/or passport, birth certificate and social security card. In some countries you can get arrested if you can’t immediately identify who you are.

Bring a list of phone numbers for friends and families who are to be notified in case of an emergency. Try to get a cell phone service that can give you an extended range of coverage in case you need to be in contact with someone at home while you’re on your trip.

Take a few things that remind you of home so you don’t get homesick. Some people get homesick after being away from home for one day so bring along something that’s comforting while you’re away. Perfume, jewelry, a book you were reading, pictures, teddy bears or anything that reminds you of home.

While on a trip, do your best to enjoy yourself but remember you will eventually need to go back home. Make sure you get back safe and sound.


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Mentally Prepaing For A Vacation

When going on a vacation, one of the most important things to remember is “it’s not home”. The place you are visiting is very different from your neighborhood and the people there are not like your friends or local towns folk. Once you can accept that fact, then the rest of the trip should be a breeze.

Keep your mind and heart open to new ideas and the cultures that you’ll encounter when going on a vacation. Even if it’s to the neighboring state from where you live, people are still going to eat differently, think differently and see you differently. Be careful not to insult anyone that offers you something from their household because a refusal can be taken very harshly. How would you feel if you cooked your best ham and the guest you invited didn’t want to eat it because it didn’t look good enough.

Take along the things that do remind you of home that way in case things do get stressed you’ll have some kind of trinket to make you smile when you think of home. Plus it’s easy to get caught up in a different environment and this way you’ll remember that you do have things that you have to go back to.

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Preparing for a Grand Canyon Vacation

Have you ever wanted to visit the Grand Canyon? Well now is the perfect time to pack your bags and go on the trip of a lifetime. There are hotel and tour specials just waiting for you and your family. You can go online and google “Grand Canyon Vacations” and there will be plenty of vacationing packages for you to choose from.

You can be on your way to a wonderful time of river rafting, hiking, camping and even mule trips. You can choose to sleep in a comfy hotel room or outside in the wonderful wilderness. If you want to know what to pack, all you need are your favorite hiking clothes, boots, hats, pants, comfortable shirts, swimwear, sandals and whatever other accessories that you like to carry on your trip and you’re ready to get going. It’s just that simple and easy.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful and spectacular place that’s taken millions of years to develop. The tour guides will take you to the best places to see and you’ll have the time of a lifetime. If you do decide to go, drop us a line and let us know how your trip went and what you would recommend others to try on the same trip. Have a great time.

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Preparing for a Rio De Janeiro Vacation

Get your passport ready because you’re about to embark on a trip of a lifetime. You’ve decided to go to Rio De Janeiro located in the Brazilian islands and you haven’t a thing to wear. Here’s how you can get ready for that very special trip giving you memories lasting a lifetime. First get online and get your tickets. There are tons of travelling agencies eager and ready to take your order. It would be wise to book your flight and hotel at the same time that way you save time on trying to find a place to lodge once you arrive. Once your flight is booked, get back online and learn some of the local language. That way you won’t look like a total fool when asking where the stores and local tourist attractions are. Write down key phrases that you think you’ll need translations for. For instance, your name, the hotel where you are staying, the airport, tourist spots, the beaches, the bathroom and restaurants, just to name a few.

Once you’re ready to go, it’s time to pack fluently so you’ll be prepared for whatever occassion arises. Of course, the mandatory dressy blouses, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and shoes are a given. The nightlife is one of the most exciting parts of Rio and you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Daytime wear would consist of shorts, mini-skirts, sandals and color attire so you can fit in with the local area and not look too much like a tourist. Since Rio is famous for it’s beaches, you will want to pack along some nice swimwear. We suggest packing at least two pieces for every day that you will be there. You never know when you’ll be invited to a night beach party and you can’t be caught dead wearing the same swimsuit that you wore in the day. It’s very hot over there so the skimpier the better. It’s Rio for goodness sake. Take along some of your favorite perfume, toiletries and reading material so you’ll look smart on the sands.

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, all you have to do is get on the ball. Be ready to hang out on the beautiful beaches wearing those beautiful outfits that you just purchased for this special trip. Have a great time.

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Preparing for a Hawaii Vacation

Congratulations on deciding to take a grand vacation to beautiful Hawaii. It’s a very popular place, the weather is always nice and there are wonderful islands to choose from. Booking a trip to Hawaii is a breeze which takes all of 5 minutes online. The best part is you can book and pay for the flight and hotel all at the same time. There are tons of web sites that have splendid vacationing packages which include all sorts of extra free nights, touring incentives and length of stay discounts. The hardest part is deciding on which one to go with. Take your time and consult with any travelling partners or if it’s a solo flight, just treat yourself to a dream come true.

Once you’re booked and reservations are confirmed, it’s time to pack. Just remember, it’s Hawaii so you can pack rather lightly. You’ll want to take along plenty of sunblock and skin protection products because it’s very sunny. Since you’ll be touring, there will be a lot of exposure to the sun. Light colored shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and shows are the must. You’ll want to fit in with the tropical terrain plus those colors will help to keep you cooler. One of the most important things to pack is swimwear. An adventurous traveler takes double the amount in case they go in the water in the morning, dress up in regular clothes for lunch, then go beaching in the afternoon. Since the water may be salty, you’ll always want a fresh bathing suit for each time you venture out into the water. Of course, take along the accessories like hats, sunglasses and flip flops to assist you on your beaching endeavors.

Now that you’re all packed and ready to go. Just make sure the house is locked up and secure and all of the necessary people have been notified that you’re going on a trip. Next stop is the airport and you’re on your way. Remember the most important thing is having fun. Don’t think about anything or anyone with regard to your regular life. It’s your time now. Have a ball.